From Potter’s Field by Patricia Cornwell

This is the sixth book in the Kay Scarpetta series, so I have to apologise for skipping the fifth book the Body Farm. The reason I haven’t reviewed it straight after Cruel and Unusual is because it was the first Patricia Cornwell book I read and so I have unfortunately read it out of sync with the others in the series. I try not to do this with series of books but because I collect books I needed to read a single one by Cornwell to see if I wanted to add it to my collection, I have since collected all of her books so am now reading them in order.

The reason I mentioned this is because From Potter’s Field features the same serial killer from Cruel and Unusual and The Body Farm so even though most of the books still make sense out of sequence it is definitely better to read these three in order. I found this out the hard way by reading the middle book first meaning I felt like I was on the back foot all the time.

From Potter’s Field is an excellent book and is gripping from the beginning as we are now familiar with the good characters like, Kay, Lucy, Wesely and Marino and understand their frustration and pain with chasing the notorious serial killer over three books, Temple Gault.

There seems to be nothing that is beyond Gault no matter how disturbing the notion would be to a normal human being, he is intent on playing his evil game through to the very end and he wants Kay Scarpetta to play along. Can Kay and the people she works with catch Gault before the dead bodies pile up too high?

My only complaint with this book is the title ‘From Potter’s Field’ as it didn’t really make sense to me, even though throughout the book mention is made of it, this place is never really explained which leaves me at odds with the relevance of the title. Other than that it is another fantastically clever and well thought out story.


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