Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell

Yet again another fantastic read from Cornwell, it is the fourth book in the Kay Scarpetta series. This book is a fine stand alone novel but I have personally preferred to read them in order.

Cruel and Unusual is about a series of crimes that for some horrific reason are tied to a murderer that was given the death penalty over ten years before. On the night he is executed Kay performs the autopsy. After that everything seems to go down hill with people she knew being killed, people surrounding the death row inmate are also getting killed and for some unknown reason people are suspicious of Kay. Can she prove her innocence and still help solve the crimes with her well-known friend Detective Marino?

After everything that has happened they need to prove that the right man actually went to the death chamber that night and that a convicted murderer is not at large. unfortunately every obstacle possible is standing in their way, stopping them from uncovering the truth!

A great read totally gripping from the start. For readers that enjoy the suspense and suspicion of a good crime novel then Patricia Cornwell is the author you should read!


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