Innocent Foxes by Torey Hayden

Well I have to say I am totally disappointed with this book, compared to the other books Hayden has written this one lacks a good story and a good set of characters. Every character is selfish and mean on occasion but the story never expands on why!

Another thing is that for all the bad things that happen throughout the story, it gets explained away and forgiven which just makes me angry. The whole book is based around the premise that people who do bad things aren’t always bad people, which is not true some people are horrible people just because they are and they shouldn’t be excused or their actions forgiven.

I found it so hard to get into the story as there wasn’t one character that I really connected with so it was a good job it was only a short book and the plot wasn’t very gripping either.

All Torey Hayden’s other books are fantastic and well written which I would suggest people try reading but I honestly wouldn’t suggest people read this one.


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