Desire by Louise Bagshawe

This book is fantastic, it is definitely the most thrilling storyline from Bagshawe yet. The book was fast paced from the beginning, not bothering with a long and boring build up it just jumped in at the important part.

The story is based around the death of a Hollywood VIP Josh Steen, he was murdered on his wedding night and the evidence points to his new bride Lisa Costello. Sam Murray the journalist sent to cover the wedding decided to follow the murder story, this could be his big break a way to stop doing puff celebrity pieces. As he gets closer to the believed killer and as he starts to fall for her, he cannot believe she is guilty of murder.

If Lisa isn’t the guilty party then someone has hired a hit on Josh Steen and Lisa might be in trouble! On the run until she can prove her innocence might become a fight for her own life. Can Sam and Lisa solve the mystery before they are either caught by the police or the assassin himself.

This book is such a great read and was hard to put down. As it isn’t a huge book, only 440 pages, all the drama the romance and the suspense happened very quickly and because of that every page was exciting. Yet again another fantastic book.


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