The Movie by Louise Bagshawe

This is another fantastic story from Louise Bagshawe, its romantic in parts but dramatic and tense for most of the main story.

The Hollywood movie industry is full of people who are fake and who will stop at nothing to get what they want. This story is about the movie world and it’s liars and players, some characters remain loyal to themselves which meant that I wanted the best for them throughout, but others are horrid and actually made me quite angry with all their scheming and lying. The story seemed to be that you only got to be famous if you slept with right people or stabbed them in the back.

Roxana Felix is the biggest bitch in the entire book and really annoyed me with the way she treated the nicer characters, sometimes however there is a reason why some people act out against the people who are trying to be kind. Some characters, like David Tauber and Jake Keller are just really horrid characters because they are jealous of what other people have.

The story of course has its sweetheart, Megan Silver and various other great characters that we meet along the way. Unfortunately for Megan the Hollywood lifestyle isn’t always plain sailing, but like most of Bagshawe’s books there is a happy ending in the horizon.

The Movie is a great read from the start, dramatic and funny and fast paced. This is an extremely good read!


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