Destiny by Louise Bagshawe

A fantastically charming and romantic book from Louise Bagshawe, it didn’t take me long to consume the whole book. From the beginning it is a captivating story and 422 pages just flew by in moments.

This story is about Kate Fox who once cast as a gold-digger must do everything in her power to prove herself to everyone that she has changed. Proving herself is going to be difficult since leaving Marcus, an extremely wealthy and powerful man, she has created an enemy that is intent on destroying her. Also it just so happens that the next man she likes is also a rich and powerful man.

Can Kate prove she has changed and that she likes David for who he is and not how much money he has in the bank? Or will Marcus manage to destroy Kate and her relationship with David? You will have to read the story to find out.

This book is such an easy book to read, there is a great story but it isn’t hard to follow and is a fantastic bedtime or anytime book. Its relaxing and easy to imagine how the characters in the book would look and behave as the story is well told. Another fantastic read from one of my many favorite authors.


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