Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell

Yet another great read from Jill Mansell, Rumour Has It is comical, emotional and captivating in every turn of the page.

Following the life of main character Tilly Cole. She lands a job in the town her best friend Erin lives in after finding herself newly single, she is going to be a Girl Friday for Max and his daughter Lou. Everyone has their own issues, especially Max’s ex wife Kaye who lives in Hollywood as an actress and finds herself accused of something she didn’t do!

Then Tilly meets, the handsome, the sexy, the charming and the seemingly irresistible Jack Lucas. Tilly cannot help but feel instantly attracted to him and thinks he feels the same, she is not sure however when everyone she mentions him to warns her of his reputation as a “ladies man”.  With all the gossip around the small town it soon seems as though Jack has slept with every woman who lives there, could Tilly ever trust a man like that?

Unfortunately for Tilly maybe gossip is just that idle gossip and exaggerations but how will she ever find out, and if she does find out one way or the other will she like the truth any better? Can Jack persuade Tilly that he is serious about her before it’s too late?

This book is gripping from the start and a great bedtime, beach time or any time read as it’s uncomplicated and fun. I would recommend giving this one a go, you might find yourself just as hooked on Jill Mansell as I am!!


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