Open House by Jill Mansell

Another great read from the great author Jill Mansell, it was so good in fact that I read all 438 pages in just three days. The story is captivating from the very beginning and the main characters are charmingly funny and annoying in equal measure.

Open House is a great story full of romance which is sometimes hilariously funny and sometimes quite sad. The stories main character is Nell O’Driscoll and the Lord of Kilburton castle, Marcus Kilburton is close second.

From a young age Nell has been told that a gypsy family like hers will never be good enough for a well to do family like the Kilburtons but even they find it hard to ignore when the chemistry between them  is so strong, what will they do and could they ever overcome his families standing.

Nell also has a terribly guilty and sad past that refuses to leave her alone to be happy, her friend Hetty is too nice to exact revenge on her ex husband and his mistress, Marcus Kilburton’s sister is such a snob even though she might not be as entitled as she would like to think and all the other characters have a various array of dramas to deal with!!

Such a great read, it just highlights the fact that love, no matter who your are or what your background can conquer all. Defiantly worth a read, you won’t be disappointed.


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