The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell

The One You Really Want is a fantastic read from Jill Mansell, it is charming and funny and romantic and above all else it is easy to read. I have read tons of Jill Mansell books and they are all great reads so I was pleased that this one was no exception.

The story has a cast of colourful characters from Connor, the sexy Irish next door neighbour, Nancy the woman whose husband brought her a lawn mower for christmas after buying his mistress jewellery, Mia who is determined to interfere in her dads love life, Rennie a huge rock star but a softie at heart and Carmen the woman who gave up on love the day her husband died. There are many more amazing characters that make this book so good, fast paced and funny.

All these characters end up converged in a posh area called Fitzallen Square and all I can say is, is that place see plenty of exciting stuff. The place to be for gossip, misunderstandings and romance is Fitzallen Square!

This book is a great read, it’s not too long at 470 pages, but within those pages is a book that made me smile and what more could anyone want from a book.


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