About Last Night by Adele Parks

I need you to say that I was with you”

What would you do if your best friend of over thirty years, who helped you when everything in your life seemingly went wrong at once and who would do anything for you, asked you to lie to the police for her?!

This is exactly the situation that Steph puts her best friend Pip in when for once she is the one who needs help. After all that these friends had done for each other and been through together, Pip thought she would do anything for Steph, until she was asked to lie to the police.

Without offering an explanation to why Pip needs to lie to the police can she really lie to people when it could get her in trouble, also on the other hand could she betray her best friend when she seems to really need help. It’s the biggest decision that Pip needs to face.

With their roles reversed and Steph’s world about to fall apart, Pip’s world is getting increasingly better. Without being able to celebrate her new successes can Pip be there for her friend who once had everything Pip had always wanted.

With a family harbouring more than one secret, can Steph keep it together for everyone’s sake or will her nice family unit come crashing down. How far will Pip go for her best friend?

About Last Night is a wonderful gritty book, that is dramatic and heartwarming and at times makes you angry and a tad jealous of some of the characters lives. It is another fantastic book from Adele Parks, definitely worth a read.


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