Game Over by Adele Parks

Game Over by Adele Parks is a fantastically charming, funny and sad novel. It’s also a fantastic read from start to finish, it has only 374 pages so the story is quite fast paced but great because it doesn’t go off on unnecessary descriptive tangents.

Cas Perry doesn’t believe in love and romance ever since her father left her mother when she was just a little girl, she spends her life being ruthless in business and not much nicer when it comes to men. Her best friends are convinced she cannot be the ice maiden she claims to be but are unfortunately inclined to believe her.

The development of her new show called Sex with An Ex came about because Cas believes infidelity and upset are par for the course with any marriage, that was until she meets Darren.

Darren is the star of Game Over and Cas cannot escape these strange new feelings she is having towards him. He is loveable, honest and kind and Cas thinks he must be too good to be true but is he?

By the time Cas begins to understand her new feelings for the lovely Darren will it be too late for them as a couple? You will just have to read the book and find out. Another fantastic book from Adele Parks.


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