A Necessary End by Peter Robinson

A Necessary End is the third book in the DCI Banks collection, and is another great read. This story is without a doubt filled with mystery from the start, I had no clue as too who had committed the crime until it was revealed because of the clever way in which the story is constructed. One moment the suspicion is on one character and the case seems to be coming to a close when something else occurs and throws doubt on the entire case.

In this story Banks has been relegated to right hand man as a policeman has been sent from London to head the investigation into the death  of a fellow police officer, at an anti-nuclear demonstration.

The new character Superintendent Burgess is a very biased policeman and doesn’t want Banks investigating the dead police officers background, he just wants to catch the killer whatever the motives for murder were. To make matters worse Burgess cannot abide the kind of people who attend demos and rallies, he says  throughout the book that they are all criminals and terrorists.

Banks realises  that he needs to keep his own investigation going on top of the one Burgess is working on, he knows that there are a number of alternate motives and possibilities into the murder and wants to remain as unbiased as possible.

Throughout the book there is unfair bias, bullying, lies, deceit, a hint of corruption, of  course murder and one thing no one counted on that revenge is a dish best served cold.


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