Showdown By Tilly Bagshawe

Another good book from Tilly Bagshawe, it is exciting, dramatic, frustrating and romantic in equal proportion.

In the story I found that it was clear who were the good characters and who were the bad, Bagshawe made some of the characters really easy to hate. This made the story really frustrating at times because you knew in your mind how you wanted the story to pan out but it seemed to take forever to get there, however that frustration also made the final conclusion that much sweeter.

Showdown is about the world of horse racing and American cowboys. It is about one cowboy in particular, Bobby Cameron and one horse rider Milly Lockwood Groves. The story shows of their budding romance, their huge falling out, bitter friendships and rivalries and various lovers throughout the story.

There are  other central characters who  you fall equally in love with and hope that they too get the happy ending that they deserve after all they have been through.

This book is definitely worth a read if you want a dramatic story about a love that just won’t quit no matter what its been through, about the price of fame and how far will people go to achieve it and at what cost to everything they love and cherish?

Great story from the start.


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