Fame by Tilly Bagshawe

Fame by Tilly Bagshawe is a charmingly romantic book. While it does have its dramas it is inherently set with a happy ending in mind.

The book is focused on some of Hollywood’s best and most troubled stars, a director trying to save himself and his marriage from financial ruin and an English lady who can possibly save them all, if not herself!

The story follows the lives of these people as they try to overcome their issues and remake the classic Wuthering Heights. Each of the main characters face hardship, rejection and some home truths they never thought they would have to confront.

Fame is at times funny, sad and heartwarmingly romantic. I am glad to say that it isn’t to sickly sweet in the romance department and there is a healthy smattering of sexual encounters and drama to cater for every type of reader. It is definitely worth a read, especially on these cold days, just snuggling up with a nice novel.

You may find out that the stars of Hollywood are just as romantic and sensitive as us mere mortals!


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