Choked by Tania Carver

The fourth novel from Tania Carver is fantastic, the characters from the other three books are back but this time the crime is personal!

Again this book is a fantastic read by itself but works much better having read the other three first, mainly because in this story it’s personal so by already having an attachment to the characters I was with them every step of the traumatic way.

In Choked main man Phil Brennan is in a coma after the house they are in explodes leaving his partner Marina and their daughter to fend for themselves, but wait! During all the confusion of the explosion their little girl has vanished.

Without the help from Phil Marina has to complete a series of tasks given to her by her daughters kidnappers. Can Marina stay strong enough and for long enough to see her daughter alive ever again?

From the start this story is explosive, literally and full of great plot lines. It is cleverly written and never gives anything away too soon. I am a huge fan of Tania Carvers and think her books are clever and well written.

I suggest my readers read these books, while I try to wait patiently for the fifth novel to be released!


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