Cage of Bones by Tania Carver

I stand corrected, the 3rd novel in this series is much more haunting and scary than The Creeper was! Again a good stand alone novel but it has much more depth and meaning if the other two books have been read first.

If the police force hadn’t seen enough action in the first two books they definitely get their fill in this book. In this story a little boy is found in a cage made from bones in the cellar of a building due to be demolished, so the police are called in. Not only is the case itself horrific but to the main character Phil Brennan it feels strangely  familiar.

This case is bigger and goes deeper than any of Phil’s team expected, with corruption and lies throughout how do they know who to trust, and can Phil keep his team together even though he is having trouble doing so himself.

This book is fantastic and gripping right from the start, for me it is even better because I have gotten to know the characters throughout the previous books and know who I like and who I don’t. I would recommend reading this book but, I strongly suggest reading the other two first.


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