The Creeper by Tania Carver

The Creeper is the second great novel by Tania Carver, while a great read on its own it is definitely better after having read  the first book The Surrogate.

The Creeper follows the same police force or family as they feel to me now through yet another gruelling and horrific case. The police force, still licking their wounds from the first case are confronted by another killer, only this time everything may not be as it seems.

The book also details the trials and tribulations of being a police officer and the politics involved and sometimes the romance. It depicts how hard it is to leave your family issues and your ego behind to work well as a team and concentrate on the case in hand.

The  main plot line in the book though is about “the creeper” who stalks his prey for a while, even living in one victim’s house and visiting her bedroom while she sleeps. From stalking, to kidnaping, to killing the Creeper seems to hate women but as the story slowly unwinds the police begin to wonder if the Creeper is acting alone or if he is a pawn in someone elses game!!

This book is brilliant, it’s creepy and addictive in equal measure. It’s a story that makes you check that the door is locked at night, even though Carver illustrates that doesn’t always matter when it comes to The Creeper! Well worth a read, horror fans.


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