Hide and Seek by Katia Lief

Hide and Seek is the next thrilling book from Katia Lief, it is a great book in its own right but it is a follow on from her previous book You are Next.

Karin Schaeffer would love to believe that she has finally moved on with her life after the tragedy that befell her in the first book. unfortunately it is not to be, Mac’s parents have been brutally murdered and suddenly Mac himself disappears.

Karin cannot bring herself to believe that Mac would kill himself, or that he is having an affair so what choice does she have but to go searching for someone everyone else thinks is dead!

As per Karin’s luck, in her quest to find Mac she finds herself getting sucked into something even more dangerous than just a missing man.

This book sees Karin the main character going through hell again, but this time will they all come out alive? You will just have to read it for yourself to find out.

Another brilliant and well written book from Katia Lief.


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