You are Next by Katia Lief

What would you do if during the course of your career you became too close to a notorious serial killer, who after setting his sights on you he sets out to destroy you, starting with your husband and child!!

You are Next is about cop Karin Schaffer who after finding the domino killer purely by chance has her life destroyed when the killer targets her husband and child. Karin leaves the police force as she has trouble dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy that befell her and her family, just starting to put her life back together Karin learns that the Domino killer has escaped from prison and that he could be after her family again, or what is left of it.

Karin wants to be involved in catching the killer again but as everyone keeps reminding her, she isn’t a cop anymore so she has to rely on her ex partner and friend Mac to solve the case for her.

Throughout the story Mac and Karin become close which is a nice interlude from the murder and crime. I also think it is nice as Karin is having to cope with so much loss and guilt as the killer is after her family again that it makes the reader feel Karin deserves something good from the story.

You are Next is 352 pages of well written and well thought out plot lines, in some places the story can be too descriptive but that doesn’t make it a bad book. It is definitely worth a read if thrillers are your thing.


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