Nothing to Fear by Karen Rose

Nothing to Fear is another thrilling book written by Karen Rose. Again Rose builds up intrigue, suspicion and fear throughout the book without giving away the main storyline until the end, because of this I find the books an even better read as nothing is laid bare in the first chapter.

The prologue suggests at the depravity of the main character Sue Conway and of the kind-hearted nature of the other main character Dana Dupinsky which leaves the reader hooked into finding out what is actually happening in the entire story. One of the other characters in the story plays the part of a love interest for Dana but Ethan Buchanan is so much more to the story than a romantic interlude.

The story centres around Sue kidnapping a young boy in order to claim a huge ransom and get revenge on the people who put her in prison years ago, on the run she encounters Dana who runs a shelter for abused women. Once Sue is at the shelter she uses Dana’s and the other shelter worker’s kindness against them. Ethan is the man with the task of locating the little boy and his journey leads him to Dana by accident, romantically they become involved but neither one knows the other could help the situation that is occurring at Dana’s shelter.

Through a series of chilling events and well written plot lines the story begins to unravel while still maintaining mystery and intrigue throughout. Some of the characters people may recognise from Rose’s other book You Can’t Hide which in my opinion is good because you have already become attached to them making the story relatable. The only issue that I have personally with Karen Rose’s books is that she has a habit of switching between using a characters first name to using their last name which can sometimes make it hard to follow, other than that the stories are brilliant.


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