Scarlet Women by Jessie Keane

The third Annie Carter book in my opinion is the best yet. It has suspense, drama, mystery, crime, murder and love among many other interesting facets. Annie is still a quick-tempered but fragile woman trying to make her way as a boss in a male dominated world, all her workers seem to look down at her and all her enemies think she will be easy to get rid of. If only getting rid of Annie Carter would be that easy.

In Scarlet Women a good friend of Annie’s is murdered and the husband is taking the blame, as usual Annie is not going to just stand by and let that happen when she knows in her heart that the husband is innocent.  Also where would a Jessie Keane book be without the gang rivalry between the Carters and the Delaneys, only this time American gangster Constantine Barolli is involved and he is more powerful than either gang put together. Mr Barolli however has a bit of a soft spot for our hard-headed and stubborn Annie.

Will anything develop between these two, will Annie ever reveal the true murderer and will she ever manage to stop the Delaneys and gain the full respect of her boys? Give this great book a read to find out for yourself!!!


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