Black Widow by Jessie Keane

Black Widow is the second thrilling book in the series that follows Annie Bailey or should I say Annie Carter!

In the first novel we saw Annie become a London madam and fall in love with her sister’s husband, in this novel Annie is now Mrs Carter and they have a lovely daughter together. They also left the life in London and set up in Majorca, everything seems perfect and normal for a while, but it wouldn’t be a Jessie Keane novel if something didn’t happen to the blissfully happy couple.

The Carters may have left the gangster life but the life certainly remembers them as they have left many enemies behind, surely they will not be allowed to disappear without repercussions. While in Majorca a group of villans target the Carters and in the blink of an eye Annie’s husband Max is gone and so is their daughter Layla. Left alone to deal with everything can Annie hold it together enough to meet the demands of the kidnappers or does Annie Carter do what a Carter would do best and seek immediate revenge.

As the plot of the story twists and turns through what remains of Annie’s life we learn that the kidnapping may not be as random as she first thought and the people she thought she could count may in fact be more foe than friend. The story is captivating from the very start and you know if the story involves Annie Carter then it’s going to be an exciting book.

I definitely recommend you read these books, you could read Black Widow as a stand alone novel as it still makes sense but the series is definitely better as it takes you deeper into the heart of each character. I myself am just about to make a start on the third in the series Scarlet Woman.


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