Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

Another spellbinding book from author Seth Grahame-Smith, mixing the truth with fable in such a way that makes his stories a really good read. After reading and enjoying Pride, Prejudice and Zombies by the same author I felt compelled to read Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter as well, and I am so glad I did.

Grahame-Smith takes a well documented story and makes slight changes within it, for example within this story the gangs of New York were actually fighting factions of vampires. The blood countess Elizabeth Bathory, a woman who killed many people in real life was of course turned into a vampire by her female lover, and the American civil war was fought by vampires and humans alike. Also the famous Lincoln assassin Jonathan Wilkes Booth was of course a vampire, which is only fitting seeing as Abe himself was an infamous vampire slayer.

There are many other classic books that have been adjusted in this way and in my opinion it takes nothing away from the original. If anything it encourages people to read the classic, who maybe wouldn’t have before. These books are a fantastic piece of whimsical writing, and you never know if vampires and zombies did exist maybe the classics would have been written like this in the first place!!!


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