The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

Stephen King does it again in this 979 page novel!!

I’m not a huge fan of science fiction or the presence of U.F.O’s in the books that I read, but this story isn’t just a U.F.O story. The story is written in such a captivating and horrifically real way that it had me hooked from page one, Aliens were never really mentioned, the story was more about the devastating power of the ship that’s found and how it completely changes and isolates one small American town.

If the residents of Haven try to leave they get very sick and start to hallucinate. During one such hallucination a boy thinks he sees a clown with silver eyes and balloons in its hand peering up from the drain!! Those of you King fans will know that it wasnt an illusion, the clown is Pennywise the child killer from the fantastic book IT. If outsiders try to enter Haven they start to feel ill and are also unwelcome by the Havenites, they are so unwelcome that the people of Haven will readily resort to murder to get rid of them.

Like all good Stephen King books The Tommyknockers is a fantasy story that is so well written it feels like it could be real. It is that aspect of warped reality that make his books one of my favorites.

This is definitely a book for Stephen King lovers! Also if you have never read a Stephen King novel it is a wonderful introductory book into the weird and wonderful world that is King!


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