Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell

Meet Dr Kay Scarpetta the chief medical examiner and main character of the book!Postmortem is the very first time that we get to meet Kay and, in my opinion it’s nice to have a crime story where a woman is in a powerful position and the one in charge, not the one who always needs rescuing.

The story whilst being about a gruesome killer seemingly targeting single women, it is also about how some people don’t like the powerful position Kay is in and tries to make her life hell. She has to constantly fight to prove she deserves the position she has.

The book is full of information on specific forensic procedures, this aspect I think is good as it shows that cases take months to solve not hours!! The book also talks about the contamination of evidence and information leaks, this all goes towards the book being exciting and realistic. Whilst I enjoy the style of writing the technical stuff can be a little overwhelming  at times.

Having said this the book is hard to put down, I found I couldn’t as I read it in a day! The story is good because it is realistic and doesn’t feel the need to exaggerate the crimes or the solving of them. Scarpetta is also a wonderful main character and you can’t help but like her.

I recommend giving this book a read and as usual Patricia Cornwell has become one of my collections!


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