Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell

Kay Scarpetta isn’t just a medical examiner, she is a woman who is deeply affected by the death that surrounds her on a daily basis. She wants to know their story, how they lived their life, who loved them, who hated them, how they died and quite often who killed them?

In Body of Evidence a woman is brutally murdered after letting someone into her home late at night, to begin with motive is unclear and there are few suspects. When the only two suspects die the plot thickens!  Scarpetta, along with the police and FBI forensic psychologist tries to determine the who, what, why and how. The plot gets even thicker when Kay learns that prior to her murder Beryl was being harassed, she was also writing a book that could cause trouble for people.

The book has disappeared and Kay is accused of stealing it, thrusting Kay into her own nightmare. The missing book is the least of Kay’s worries as she starts to get harassed by what is thought to be the same person that murdered Beryl.

Can Scarpetta locate the missing book and find her tormentor before he finds her? Thrilling book from start to finish, another thoroughly good read.


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