All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell

Another fantastically gripping tale by Patricia Cornwell, All That Remains is the third Dr Kay Scarpetta novel and they just keep getting better!

The story is about a killer who is targeting young couples, with four couples dead already the investigation is at a dead-end as Kay can’t determine the cause of death. Suddenly a very prominent woman’s daughter and her boyfriend is murdered and the investigation goes haywire.

With pressure from everyone to find a cause of death Kay is having a hard time, she then learns of the fact that she is being lied to by her close friends and work colleges. The CIA, the FBI and everyone else seem to be keeping crucial information from her. To make matters worse her reporter friend Abby Turnbull becomes deeply involved and is convinced that she is being followed by the FBI as a consequence.

The story is full of twists, lies and deceit from people Kay should be able to trust so who can Kay turn to for trust and honesty……. her trusty police friend and partner Marino who has been with Dr Scarpetta from the start, he even saved her life once.

All That Remains is another fantastically well written story and is a great read if you have a thirst for suspense and accurate scientific knowledge.


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