Rose Madder By Stephen King

Another weird and wonderful novel by Stephen King, this story launches into the dark and dangerous world of domestic violence. Whilst showing how horrid and hard it is for someone to live with violence within their relationship King also adds his usual dark and magical twist to the tale.

Rose Madder could be construed as a twisted love story where good triumphs over madness and evil, even if the situation is less than normal! Rose Daniels is religiously beaten by her husband Norman who is fighting a loosing battle with insanity, one day Rose leaves Norman and makes her escape.

As usual the deranged Norman embarks on a journey to find his wife so that he can ‘make her realise she needs him’. As Norman struggles with sanity Rose meets Bill whilst out buying a picture that is hauntingly beautiful. For Bill and Rose it seems to be love at first sight which really lifts the reader’s heart as you come to love Rose’s character.

The picture is more than just hauntingly beautiful and becomes a huge part of Rose’s life. To Rose the picture is just of a strange female standing on a hill, until the picture starts to become extremely lifelike, but surely that’s just Rose’s imagination…….. or is it?!

For people who have read Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series a few words and images within this book are vaguely similar but that to me is just King’s unique style keeping you hooked, book by book. I thoroughly recommend giving Rose Madder a read as it is a very well written book.


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