The Dark Half By Stephen King

Stephen King is definitely the leader when it comes to writing books about the strange, the paranormal and  the down right creepy! His books are amazing because of their unique twist on reality and the creativity that must dwell in his mind to create such stories whilst still making them hauntingly real and captivating.

I have read many of King’s books and found that they are quite chilling, from the moment you start reading you are hooked and as the story moves along you are sucked into this paranormal universe that King has created. I found myself believing whole heartedly in the events occurring within the pages of the book, I get scared for the characters I like and I cry when things go wrong to these same characters. Some of his books are so realistic I cannot read them before bed, even so I have to keep reading them!

The Dark Half is about an author who has created books under both his own name Thad Beaumont and a pseudonym George Stark, little does Thad know Stark might be more realistic than he thought. When the only people who know who George Stark really is start to get murdered Thad is the only one the police suspect, it is up to Thad to convince the police otherwise. Thad has a horrid suspicion he knows who the murderer is, but how can he prove something so illogical and crazy without sounding guilty?

All Thad is sure of is that ‘the Sparrows are flying again’!!

In order to find out what the last sentence means and to learn of the outcome of Thad’s life you will have to read the book, alternatively you could watch the film. As usual I have not watched this as I believe the books paints a brilliant picture by its self with great plot twists and beautiful writing.


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