The Time of My Life By Cecelia Ahern

This book is a great book once you get into it, the way Cecelia writes is different from other authors as she puts a unique twist into her stories. The Time of My Life for example is a story about a woman who gets an appointment to meet her life, to start off with she tries to ignore it thinking that there is nothing wrong with her life, it’s not until she meets her life (an actual person) that she realises how wrong she is.

This story follows her journey along the road that is her life, he helps her to fix the lies, the heartbreak and hopefully the new blossoming romance along the way. Once you get used to life being an actual person the story is very good and actually quite poetic in a sense that if we could all see what we were doing to our lives would we change or carry on, on the path we were already on.

To start off with the fact that Lucy lies about everything got a bit confusing as you were reading a whole page to find at the bottom the words “ok I lied”, you then get used to that too because you come to understand why she does it and how once she started to lie she couldn’t stop.

The book was still a very good book and once you get used to the different style of story telling the story becomes quite beautiful and well written. I have read all of Cecelia Ahern’s books and they are all brilliant but different, my favorite is still however PS I LOVE YOU !!!


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