Stand by Me By Sheila O’Flanagan

Stand By Me is an absolutely heart wrenching story  in my mind and is beautifully written. I was captivated from the first page and as the main character Dominique or Domino goes through high points and very low points I found myself feeling angry and upset for her.

The story follows Dominique throughout her life, from being an ugly duckling to a beautiful adult who seems to have everything she wants in life until everything she has grown used to comes crashing down around her. As her life changes for the worst Domino needs to change with it in order to make a living and keep her family together.

When everything goes wrong Domino is an innocent victim but everyone is happy to blame her and you learn who her true friends are. The story makes the reader angry with the injustice and the heartbreak of it all, even though the book still manages to be heart warming romantic and nice.

Throughout the story as Dominique learns to be stronger and faces every day as it comes she comes to realise that the life she had wasn’t necessarily one she wanted, so when everything erupts a second time is Dominique strong enough to stand up for what she feels is right for her?

This Sheila O’Flanagan book is full of love and heartbreak. It such a captivating read from start to finish that I recommend that everyone gives it a read, it is a perfect holiday book!!



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2 responses to “Stand by Me By Sheila O’Flanagan

  1. Will definitely read it. When you say “family,” do you mean Domino has kids in the book? I find books with mothers as main characters are very different.

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