Dangerous Lady By Martina Cole

Dangerous Lady has to be my favorite Martina Cole novel by far!

The story is filled as usual with criminals and corrupt police officers but it is laced with the sad life story of Maura Ryan. She is the youngest and only girl in a family of criminals, at a young age her brothers are taught by their father how to scam and steal. Eventually the boys of the family become criminal king pins owning and controlling most of london and the people who live in it.

Maura only ever wanted to be loved by her family and become a wife and mother, however when tragedy befalls her and her family she becomes her eldest brother Michael’s right hand woman. Together they rule the criminal fraternity!

While the story is based on criminal activity it is also full of betrayal and heartbreak, and in my view this story has a lovely romantic note throughout and I found myself hoping for a happy ending for Maura after all the heartbreak she has endured within the book.

This book is full of exciting twists and turns from the very beginning and keeps you hooked until the book is finished, but like I said before some of the rhyming slang is difficult to interpret and this book is no different from the rest! Looking past that however the book is still a brilliant read.


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