Hard Girls By Martina Cole

Hard Girls is a good book and the story is extremely intense from the start. Again the language used is strong and the rhyming slang sometimes takes me a while to work out, other than that the book is well written.

The story this time is about the tough lives of police officers who work really hard to solve serial killer murders, it shows how much more difficult it is because both the detectives are women so they have to work extra hard just to be listened to by their male colleagues. The story also has the sad fact that these women find it hard to have or maintain a life outside of work as the crimes seem to take over their lives from the moment it happens until the moment its solved.

The serial killer they are dealing with in the book commits utterly brutal murders on working girls (prostitutes or brasses in the book) who are working out of special properties in order to keep them safer! These properties are owned by some people within the criminal underworld and so getting information from anyone regarding the crime is an uphill struggle.

The book also highlights a sort of criminal hierarchy as the criminals in the book don’t have a problem with killing someone who has done them wrong but when these prostitutes start being murdered they are all horrified in their own way and do try to help the police without hurting themselves.

The story also tells of police corruption, the love life of one detective and it also shows that other than the people these girls work for no one seems to care about their death. Some of the parents didn’t know their girls where up to this kind of job, but most of the girls who were killed were put through the care system at a young age and so their death wasnt of consequence to anyone!

This book is 583 pages of thoroughly gripping read, I found it hard to put down until I had read the whole book!


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