The Take By Martina Cole

Martina Cole is an amazing author, she writes hard-hitting stories about the criminal underworld as it really is. She doesn’t sugar coat the story and her plots are often quite dark. The language Martina Cole uses is sometimes difficult to make sense of as she uses cockney rhyming slang which is often hard to decipher, she also uses a lot of swear words which may make readers of a sensitive disposition uncomfortable. However her stories are good and I find them hard to put down once I have started reading one of them.

The Take is a story about the Jackson family who are so deeply entrenched in the criminal underworld that they will seemingly stop at nothing to get what they want, or feel they deserve from life. The story looks at how the wives of these criminals are affected is such a bad way that it starts to affect everyone they come in contact with, it deals with how these criminals deal with traumatic events within their lives, how they deal with family loyalty and respect. It also deals with the fact that they are willing to kill over any minor injustice in order to take what they want, even if that means killing each other.

The story is fast paced and edgy, often wrought with tension from the start. However, even though they are all liars and criminals you can’t help but want there to be a happy ending for some of the people involved. Some of them, well, you get the feeling they got what they deserved!

The Take is also now a television program available to watch on sky1, I myself have not watched it but as everyone knows I prefer my books!


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