Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

Kiss the Girls is the second book in the series after Along Came a Spider, while the case is different the character is the same and Detective Alex Cross is just as good as before. In this book he calls himself the dragonslayer which I think is very apt for the way he deals with his cases, each one is personal to him and each case affects him deeply. Of course John Sampson is still around how could I forget him, he is Cross’s partner in crime and best friend after all!

Kiss the Girls makes vague references to the case in the previous book but it is not essential to have read it beforehand, I recommend it though as it is also a good book. Again this book presents a challenge for the Detective as this time two killers are on the loose in America, not only are these to criminals targeting women but they seem to be in competition with one another and are trying to better each others ‘achievements’. The case becomes personal for Alex Cross when the first he learns about the criminals is being informed that someone close to him has gone missing, the books twists and turns enthrall the reader right to the very end, the suspense is also carefully built over time and with each page I found myself waiting for the outcome with fingers crossed.

Throughout the book we again see into the private life of Cross and learn that he is definitely a red-blooded male and that he likes women, however the book doesn’t dwell on the sexual aspects of life for too long this is a crime thriller after all! Detective Alex Cross and his partner are also very determined to solve each case, even if that means breaking the rules sometimes. They are both also a little hot-headed and temperamental but they are defiantly the good guys which just makes them better characters in my mind.

This book has also been turned into a film and Morgan Freeman plays Detective Alex Cross. In my opinion he is very much like how i pictured Cross to be in my mind, a good guy with a world-weary demeanor. The film is good however but it misses out most good bits in the book like…… the second killer for example!!!!


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