Along Came a Spider By James Patterson


At the moment I am really into the author James Patterson, most of the books he has written are crime thrillers but he has also ventured into writing teen books. Most of Patterson’s books are roughly 400-500 pages but are really easy to read with short chapters and a good story, many of his books centre on a main character meaning that by the end of the first book you are wanting to read the next as the main character is such a like able person.

In Along Came a Spider we get our first look at detective Alex Cross and his partner John Sampson. While the story is about Cross and Sampson’s fight against crime, they also face the issues of racism within the American police force that they themselves encounter throughout the book. Even though Alex Cross is the main character in this book you find yourself rooting for both him and John Sampson because they are really good guys and show human emotion to the crimes they see instead of hardened detective rubbish.

You also get to look into the private life of Cross who is not only a detective but is also a forensic psychologist giving him the edge, he seems to be the best in the entire police force (well an Sampson’s good too of course)! You also get to meet his family which makes the story more realistic as Cross enters into dangerous situations and his mind thinks about how he and his family would deal with these situations. 

In Along Came a Spider detective Alex Cross is faced with a criminal who may or may not have a multiple personality disorder. The criminal within the book wants be famous and refers to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping often, he refers to this as a case that was sensational and because of his obsession with this case and he attempts his own kidnap attempt on two famous children.

The story was page turning from the moment I started reading right through till I shut the book at the end, with its twists and turns and good characters I strongly recommend giving it a read. If reading is too much like hard work the book was also made into a film, however I can guarantee you that the book will be so much better.


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